As the Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party's Resolutions Committee, Tony has developed and furthered  our Party's commitment to progressive values like: opposing fracking and reducing the threat of Destructive Climate Change; preserving and protecting our local environment; removing toxins from our food, air and 

Tony got his start in grassroots activism opposing the Ronald Reagan nuclear policies.  Working with peace organizations, Tony launched an effort to establish a Sister City relationship between the city of Torrance and a city in the Soviet Union.  Although Torrance residents were not ready for such an idea, Tony continued to work on anti-nuclear campaigns and kept pushing the nuclear issue into the public debate for the 1988 Presidential election.

During the 2004 Presidential election, Tony helped organize hundreds of volunteers, thousands of voter outreaches and raised thousands of dollars for local efforts.

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While many talk about lowering our carbon footprint, Tony has succeeded in defeating  big oil.  As the consultant hired by the grassroots effort to prevent oil drilling in Hermosa Beach, Tony beat the 2015 million-dollar Measure O campaign to force oil drilling on our local coast.

Tony led the fight and successfully stopped 34 oil wells in Hermosa Beach

practice of elected officials moving delegate positions around the state to influence endorsements outside their districts. Delegate Stacking prevented local grassroots Democrats from endorsing their own candidates and was an undemocratic way of gaming local endorsements by powerful Sacramento interests.  Tony first helped cut the number of movable delegates by more than half, then negotiated with Party leadership to end the practice and increase grassroots participation.  In fact, we are voting for seven men and seven women in our current ADEM Election because Tony negotiated for a larger number of grassroots delegates.  There continues to be challenges to the integrity of this process, that's why it's important to re-elect Tony to the Executive Board.  He will continue the fight to make the Democratic Party more democratic. 

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As a member of the Executive Board, Tony has made the California Democratic Party more democratic.  Tony voted to change the "Super Delegate" system in the Democratic Party. Tony also opposed "Delegate Stacking," the  

In 2006, Tony helped open a local Democratic headquarters, the Democratic Action Center.  From that center, Tony recruited over 350 high school students to work thousands volunteer hours in the gubernatorial election.  He also put together one of the largest walks for Clean Money (a proposition against big money in politics), bringing 300 students to a downtown L. A. rally and GOTV walk.

In 2008, Tony opened another Democratic headquarters in Torrance, that functioned year-round for more than four years.  It was the only year-round Democratic headquarters in the Los Angeles basin.  From this headquarters, Tony continued to recruit hundreds of student volunteers and registered more than 3,500 new Democratic voters at local colleges.

Tony has been president of Democratic organizations in Palos Verdes and the Beach Cities.  He is a founding member of So Cal Grassroots, a grassroots organization that grew out of the 2006 election.  He started the South Bay’s first Clean Money chapter as well as our first chapter of Democracy for America and worked with Organizing for America.

After the 2006 election, Tony became more involved with the Democratic Party and was elected delegate as a to the California Democratic Party (CDP).  He has served as chair of two CDP  caucuses and on the credentials committee of the state party.  As a member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, Tony serves as Chair of the Resolutions Committee and as a member of on the Ballot Measures Committee.     

                                                                       water; raising the minimum wage; protecting the rights of working people; supporting public education; defending the rights of women, people of color and the LBGTQ community; opposing international human rights violations; arguing against the TPP; seeking ways to reduce homelessness especially among our veterans; calling for an end to the death penalty; supporting single payer health care; and many more issues.